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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Welcome to the Architectural Engineering and Construction Science Department

The Architectural Engineering and Construction Science department at K-State is nationally recognized for graduating students well prepared for careers in Engineering and Construction.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a learning environment of value to students and of benefit to industry, the academic community, and society as a whole. We are committed to focusing individual attention and resources to achieve the highest standard of excellence in undergraduate education for Architectural Engineers and Constructors. We strive to prepare our students for successful life long careers and to provide leadership in the industry with our educational programs. We promote excellence in faculty and student performance related to instruction, research, and service.

The combination of these two programs in one department is unique and prepares our students to work effectively as a professional member of an integrated Architecture-Engineering-Constructor (AEC) team to produce quality design and construction of the built environment.

Kansas State University
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Phone:  785-532-5964
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E-mail:  arecns@k-state.edu